Brew Book


In Germany the strong beers are called Bock. Their alcoholic strength ranges from 6,00 to 10,00 %. Bock beers are seasonally limited. Typically there are Bocks during spring and winter time. This brew matches solid and hearty dishes perfectly.



The name Export refers to its use in the former centuries to make it more durable on long trips and journeys. Export is basically an ale or a lager brew.



The Pils as we know it today was invented in the northern parts of Germany. Its taste is dominated by a smooth bitterness.



This brew you will only find in Germany. It is mixed with lemonade. Therefore it contains between 2,0 and 3,5 % alcohol and is very refreshing on hot days.


Weizen Bier

The well-known German Wheat Beer. This brew has its origin in Bavaria. Generally you can find a Blond, Dark and Crystal Wheat Beer. The thing about the Crystal is that it is a filtered Blond Wheat Beer.